Dual Intakes



These flanges allow you to create a dual carb intake using your original car or truck manifold. Height and spacing are determined by you. You supply the tubes that weld onto the flanges and braze onto the manifold. Priced at $75.

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Dual Intake Kit $75

Bolt-On Dual Exhaust Adapter


This is the quickest, easiest, and most affordable method of installing dual exhausts on your flathead Mopar. You need a 1 1/2″ or 2″ hole saw to open up the bottom of your manifold and then you simply bolt on the second dump using the four bolts that hold the manifolds together. A do-it-yourself kit with the two flanges and a gasket is $75. You supply the exhaust tube and do your own welding which allows you to position the dump wherever it suits your vehicle. A completely welded unit is $150. Available for both the small family of engines, 218/230 and their larger cousins, 251/265. Prices include shipping to lower 48 US addresses. Add $25 to Canadian locations. Adding a second dump doubles the outgoing flow rate while allowing the use of either single or dual exhausts without a balance tube.

Dual Exhaust Kit $75

Dual Exhaust Welded Unit $150


Please include the year/make/model info for your vehicle when you contact RustyHope with any questions and when you place your order.